Sunday, February 16, 2014

NVG Invitational

Some of Air Sports' newest athletes took to the stage this weekend at the North Valley Invitational.  Here are some partial results:

  • Madison, Trampoline
  • Hudson, Trampoline
  • Tallia, Tumbling
  • Kaylee, Trampoline
  • Kate, Trampoline
  • London, Tumbling
  • Kaylee, Double Mini
  • Tallia, Trampoline
  • Kate, Double Mini
  • Brynn, Tumbling
  • Parker, Double Mini
  • Hudson, Double Mini

Fourth place to Olivia in her first meet at level 7 on the double mini and on trampoline and for Parker and London on trampoline and Kaylee tumbling. Goooo Air Sports!!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Elite Academy

Air Sports athletes Ariana, Jameson, and Cole spent the last weekend in January at the Olympic Training Center working with national team coaches.  The kids came home sore but happy and with new training tricks in their repertoire.