Monday, December 6, 2010

Turkey Tumble Highlights

Hello everyone,

I am going to keep this one very short because I need to relax w/ the familyJ

I will be working on the “long” version tomorrow.

While there are 100+ things I need to explain and talk about – two things I can’t wait on.

Serena today pulled a major score on trampoline – she was awarded a 9.0 from the judges. That was the highest tramp score given for the entire weekend all levels combined. The last time I saw a 9.0 on tramp it was Breanna when she was crowned the USA National Champion! Mmmmmm and this is only the first meet!!!

Second, our newest boy on the team – Seth just had a coming out meet that no one will ever forget! This was his first T&T competition and with running nerves, endless questions, noises, multiple coaches instructing, all the above – Seth was cool, calm and in control.

Seth’s floor routine was awarded the FIRST ever PERFECT score given in AZ. With Jon Black (State Technical Director) as a superior judge (he can be difficult to please at times) and a very experienced judging panel – all four judges flashed a PERFECT 10.

I thought I had seen it all in the sport of gymnastics or Trampoline and Tumbling – this was even a first for me – a perfect score offered up and all judges were in agreement! It was a moment that I can’t really explain – the first score came up and I thought that Jon was just playing with me. He had a puzzling look on his face so I just sort of smiled and looked away – then the other judges flashed their scores and we all just freaked out – it was an amazing feeling rushing around inside that gym.

The cheering and screams from the audience were incredibly loud and every coach in the place was smiling from ear to ear.

Seth – you are an amazing athlete and one that will find success in everything you do – thanks for allowing us to be part of your success – WOW is about all I can say!

I will highlight each athlete in tomorrow’s email – for those that are new at this – my meet result emails can be quite long, but they are always “my version” or what I see from the other side of the ropes up close to these incredible athletes.

We are all blessed with such an amazing group of kids and parents – you all make my job such a fulfilling and rewarding task - I can’t thank you enough for your support and love that you all express towards the coaches and athletes while we are doing our jobs.

I know I say this a lot – but here I go again – the future of this team is so bright, the sky is the limit to our growth! With athletes like this – it is almost scary to see what we can accomplish…

Coach Scott

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Congratulations to our very own Katie C who qualified for Jumpstart National testing to be held in January in Huntsville, Texas. Way to go Katie!!