Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trampoline National Team Training Camp

 We had a wonderful USA Team Training Camp inside the OTC last weekend.  It was extra special because Coach Phil was again invited and he attended the training camp with us - and Phil and I were roommates during it all:)

I am so very Proud of Noah and how hard he worked during this camp.  He was pushed pushed pushed during several long days to jump higher, flip faster, and to combine different skills together to create new exciting warm ups & routines.
He was challenged physically by Olympians Logan & Steven; he was challenged emotionally by the members of the USA National Team; he was challenged personally to be his very Best while wearing USA proudly across his chest.
We have a very strong USA National Team. The Athletes are very good and very focused on the goal of success at this year's World Championships & World Age-Group Championships.
They have set their goals, they are aiming high, and training each and everyday for future success...

Keep up the hard work Noah!
Keep TRAINING harder then the rest, AIMING higher then the best, and DREAMING bigger then those before you...

I really like this picture...
Noah looking ahead to whats to come...

Noah Orr
USA National Team Member on
   Trampoline & Double Mini
Inside the Olympic Training Center - Houston Texas Feb. 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Air Sports wins Three Team Awards at Classic Rock

Session five was a medal rush for Air Sports.  The 10 and unders brought home 14 gold, four silver, and four bronze and then stuck around to collect the Air Sports team awards.  

Session four medal count was four golds, two silvers, and three bronze. 

In sessions 4 & 5, Alex and Brooke hit gold at level 7 and Cole, Bree, and Seth all took gold at level 8 on trampoline to complete the sweep at levels 7, 8, and 9.

Air Sports won the level 8&9 team trampoline award (brown guitar), the level 4-7 team trampoline award (blue guitar), and the level 4-7 team double mini award (pink guitar).  Second place honors went to the level 10&elite tumblers and third place was awarded to the 10&elite double mini squad.

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! Look out Salt Lake! Here we come!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Session Three

Double golds for Shelby, tumbling and double mini
Triple golds for Ali, trampoline, double mini, and synchro
Gold for Jameson, tumbling
Silvers for Michael, Ariana, Katie C, Jameson, Hayley, and Nichole on double mini
Silvers for Jameson, Katie C, and Nicole on trampoline
Bronze for Hayley, trampoline
Fifth for Michael, trampoline

Session Two Results

A sweep of first through fourth for the level 9 Fantastic Four trampolinists: Ariana, Katie, Bayley, and Tory

  • Gold for Tory and Ariana's synchro
  • Bronze for Rebecca and an seventh for Liz, level 8 trampoline
  • Fourth for Tory and a tenth for Katie, level 9 double mini
  • Bronze for Bayley, eighth for Rebecca and a tenth for Liz on double mini, level 8
  • Gold for Liz and a bronze for Ariana tumbling.

Happy Birthday Bayley!!!

First session at Classic Rock

Level 7 trampolinists went 1, 2, 3 (McKenzie R, Carson, Kate) and Emma and Serena took gold and silver at level 8. McKenzie K took 8th. McKenzie R., McKenzie K, and Kate went 1/4/5 on double mini level 7. Level 8s went 3/4/8 (Emma, Carson, Serena).  Finishing up, Serena took silver tumbling.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Training at the Olympic Training Center

Look at these smiles inside the Olympic Training Center!

Warming up on Day 1 of training.

Working hard on Tramp basics.

Standing Proud on the grounds of the OTC.

All five of us just before leaving Sunday morning...

Our final "Good Bye" to the OTC & Karolyi Ranch Training Center.
 We had a Great time training at the OTC (Olympic Training Center) in Houston, Texas this past weekend.  Athletes Jameson, Michael, Nichole, & Shelby all attended the USAG Elite Academy Training Camp.  There they worked Hard on Trampoline & Double Mini basics.  They worked on developing stronger body positions, lines, and techniques to better prepare their routines & passes.  Jameson was the youngest athlete in attendance and carried himself with confidence and pride.  Michael, Nichole, & Shelby were among the camp strongest athlete's and most prepared for the jump into the Junior Elite Program and challenges ahead:).  They all put forth great effort to improve, learn, and take in the wonderful experience of living on & at the OTC for a few days.
I am So very proud of ALL of them and for their commitment to both themselves and to this Amazing Sport of T&T...
Great Job to all of you - Go Team Air Sports...