Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fright Night w/ Air Sports

A big THANKS to all of our Air Sports Team Members that came out to perform and play w/ us at the Halloween Fright Night. Thank you everyone that helped with loading & unloading the tramp & end decks. We had an amazing AZ sun set as we got setup and starting to warm up on the trampoline; I think everyone had fun jumping under the stars!
Great job everyone - Air Sports looked great and everyone enjoyed watching some of the best T&T athletes in the country!
Thank you Diana for getting us in and organizing all of this.
Thank you Coach Sharon for again being there and helping w/ the event!
Thank you EVERYONE from getting waivers signed to acting as "spotters" around the tramp.
We really did a great job and put on a wonderful show!!!

Happy Halloween to everyone!

Go Team Air Sports!!!

Jumping under the Stars - Fright Night...

Under the Stars

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Good Luck to the Fabulous Five!

Good luck to Alex, Ali, Cole, Katie and Old Lady Serena at Jumpstart testing tomorrow!!