Sunday, April 21, 2013

State Meet Results

State Champions
  1. Ariana, Trampoline
  2. Ariana, Double Mini
  3. Ariana and Tory, Synchro
  4. Bayley, Double Mini
  5. Rebecca, Trampoline
  6. Michael, Trampoline
  7. Michael, Double Mini
  8. Noah, Trampoline
  9. Katie and Ali, Synchro
  10. Katie C, Trampoline
  11. Alex T, Tumbling
  12. Alex T, Trampoline
  13. Ali, Double Mini
  14. Nicole, Trampoline
  15. Dani, Double Mini
  16. Shelby, Tumbling
  17. Hayleey, Double Mini
  18. Seth, Trampoline
  19. Seth, Double Mini
  20. Macy, Trampoline
  21. Katie P, Double Mini
  22. Daniel, Double Mini
  23. Jameson, Trampoline
  24. Serena, Tumbling
  25. Serena, Double Mini
  26. Mackenzie R Trampoline
  27. McKenzie K, Double Mini
  28. Van, Trampoline
  29. Finn, Trampoline
  30. Van, Double Mini
  31. Finn, Double Mini
  32. Alex R, Trampoline
  33. Alex R, Double Mini
  34. Alex R, Tumbling
  35. Brooke, Trampoline
  36. Cole, Tumbling
  37. Cole, Trampoline
  38. Cole Double Mini
  39. Matthew, Trampoline
  40. Matthew, Double Mini
  41. Elizabeth, Tumbling
Silver Medals
  1. Katie P, Trampoline
  2. Ali, Trampoline
  3. Alex T, Double Mini
  4. Bayley and Katie, Synchro
  5. Shelby, Double Mini
  6. Ariana, Tumbling
  7. Bree, Trampoline
  8. Brynn, Trampoline
  9. Brynn, Double Mini
  10. Davis, Trampoline
  11. Davis, Double Mini
  12. Noah, Double Mini
  13. Tory, Double Mini
  14. Macy, Double Mini
  15. Daniel, Trampoline
  16. Carson, Tumbling
  17. Emma S, Trampoline
  18. Jameson, Tumbling
  19. Brooke, Double Mini
  20. Matthew, Tumbling
  1. Bayley, Trampoline
  2. Hayleey, Trampoline
  3. Natalie, Trampoline
  4. Nichole, Double Mini
  5. Hannah, Double Mini
  6. Natalie, Double Mini
  7. Brynn, Tumbling
  8. Macy, Tumbling
  9. Serena, Trampoline
  10. Kate, Trampoline
  11. Jameson, Double Mini
  12. Mackenzie R, Double Mini
  13. Brooke, Tumbling
  14. Denae, Trampoline
  15. Denae, Double Mini

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Four State Titles in Session Two

Van and Finn each scored double gold at the state meet!

Session One

Gold for Jameson and Mackenzie R on trampoline and for Serena and McKenzie K on double mini.  Tumbling gold for Serena.  Silvers tumbling for Jameson and Carson and for Emma on trampoline.  Bronze for Serena and Kate on trampoline and for Jameson and MacKenzie R on double mini.

More importantly... Everyone qualified for nationals.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Air Sports Goes to State 2013

A Retrospective of the Amazing 2012-2103 Regular Season
Good luck to all our Air Sports athletes at the State Meet!!
Roumen returns to coach at Air Sports...look at this Team of Smiling Faces!  Thanks for your help preparing this amazing Team of Athletes for the 2013 State Championships.  Roumen you are a Great friend and I LOVE having you at the gym!  Thanks for your kind words, endless support, and for caring about these AWESOME kids...

On the journey to the top we successfully achieved a place on the USA National Trampoline & Double Mini Team with a photo now overlooking the training center.  These special athletes must Risk more than most, Dare to do more than most, and Dream bigger than those before them...(Noah is top row far right - inside the OTC in Texas))

Over the season we kept our Teammates close, we trained hard and with direction & focus, we also played hard, and we formed friendships that will last a life time...

The Air Sports Athletes competed with some of the best in the sport this season.  We traveled to far off states to be challenged and to place ourselves in situations that will force us to learn, grow, and become better at everything we are doing...

In ALL that we do and during all the time & energy that goes into each and every practice...we keep our eyes on the Prize and we keep "looking" towards the future.  Anything can happen - Anything is possible...

During the development of Great Athletes the most important part of all of this is to become Great People!  To understand true Sportsmanship.  To stay united and together as a moving, working, breathing Team.  To lead by example while helping those around us.  To Learn all we can about joy & happiness, pain & fear, the differences in one another, and to learn to live with a bit more LOVE!  To better fully understand how very lucky we are to live in the United States of America and live with Freedom!   It is Great Athletes & People doing Great Things that will make a better tomorrow...

Although there is always a little "static" in our lives...we choose to be Happy and Smile to move us to a better place.  It is one Key element to this Team...we are Happy to train and we are Smiling in ALL that we must do to be our Very Best!  We enjoy the process, take on the challenge, and over come it all.  We FIND a way to succeed...

And after a long challenging season of competing from Arizona to Utah to Texas and more trips to the OTC then I can remember...we have found a way to "Rise to the Top" at each and every stop!  The Air Sports Athletes & Families have formed a Team Bond that is without question one of the strongest T&T Programs in the US.  This season Air Sports WON at every competition we attended, we learned what we needed, and we gained the "winning edge"; so as I look towards this weekends State Championships...I am extremely confident, proud, and prepared that the Air Sports Athletes will yet again perform at their Personal Best and Rise to the Top!!!
GOOD LUCK to all the Air Sports Athletes this weekend!
Goooooooo For the Gold!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

State Meet Schedule

Below is the final schedule for the 2013 AZ T&T State Championships. Athletes will attend the session which corresponds with their highest competitive level.

Final Schedule Updated

Session 1 Saturday April 20
13-14 Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45am
Competition 10:00am
Awards 12:15pm

Session 2 Saturday April 20
11 Year Old Females & 8 and Under Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 1:00
March In 1:45
Competition 2:00
Awards 4:00

Session 3 Saturday April 20
9-10 Males and Females
Open Warm Up 5:00
March In 5:45
Competition 6:00
Awards 8:00

Session 4 Sunday April 21
12 Year Old Females and 11-12 Males All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45
Competition 10:00
Awards 12:00pm

Session 5 Sunday April 21
15+ Males and Females and All Elites
Open Warm Up 1:00pm
March In 2:00
Competition 2:15
Awards 4:45


North Valley Gymnastics
20815 N. 28th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: 602-404-3547

1 Session
Adults $8.00
Seniors $5.00
Children (5-10) $4.00
4 & Under Free

2 Sessions
Adults $14.00
Seniors $8.00
Children (5-10) $6.00
4 & Under Free

3 Sessions
Adults $20.00
Seniors $11.00
Children (5-10) $9.00
4 & Under Free

Athlete gifts for all competitors!
Hosted By: North Valley Gymnastics
Email Questions to:
Senior Awards at the end of session 5

Monday, April 8, 2013

Peace Love Roundup

A small contingency of six athletes brought home eight gold medals, four silvers, and a bronze at the Peace Love Meet held this weekend in Gilbert at the USA Youth Fitness facility.  Great job Air Sports athletes!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013