Sunday, November 10, 2013

2013 World Championships - Sofia, Bulgaria

Shelby is coming home with a Gold Medal around her neck as part of the USA Women's Double Mini Team.  After two very long weeks training and preparing in both US and Sofia - the women's Team HIT every pass in prelims and were almost perfect in Team finals to out score the rest of the world by over two full points!  Shelby was solid in her training and competing and she completed her Team assignment by hitting both prelims passes on the world stage.
Right after the awards were over and we had a second to breathe it all in... So very proud of her and what all of the Team USA girls did at this amazing World Championships...

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Double Mini Gold!

Both the US men's and women's double-mini teams will be bringing home gold from the 29th World Championships being held in Bulgaria.  The women's team broke the world record for highest team score. Air Sports athlete Shelby Gill is pictured fourth from the left.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

World Championships Training Camp

Shelby & I after a long week of training.  SO very proud of her and what she has done this week with the her other Worlds Teammates.  Shelby is ready, preared, and excited to leave for Bulgaria tomorrow.

Just hanging out on our last full day of training.  Shelby was a ROCK STAR all week long and worked her buns off:)
All four USA Team girls on double mini.
Here are all the women on the USA Team for both double mini & trampoline going to Bulgaria...

We all had an amazing week together training, preparing, and polishing up routines & passes for World Championships!  Team USA is going to ROCK!
Personally I am thrilled to have been apart of this training camp and part of the USA National Team Coaches - what a great group of people!!! All the hard work and endless hours are done - now it is time to travel to Sofia Bulgaria and perform to the best of their abilities...
Go Team USA!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Shelby, Noah, & Michael at the Olympic Training Center preparing for World Championships

We had a great training camp with all the athletes that will be competing in Bulgaria.  Everyone worked hard, focused, and pushed themselves to new heights.  Team USA looks so very good right now & success is sure to come!!!
I totally enjoyed my coaching assignment & LOVE working with the National Team kids:)
The Double Mini athletes are going to make history...gooooo double mini & gooooooo Team USA!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shelby named to the World Championships team

Air Sports is proud to announce that Shelby Gill has been named to the 2013 team USA delegation to the World Championships.  Shelby will travel to Bulgaria as a part of the women's double mini squad.  For more information, please visit the USAG site :

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Katie and Ali named to US ODP team

Katie and Ali were named to the 2013-2014 ODP team for double mini.  Both girls competed in three qualifying meets to earn points.  The highest three scorers in each age group were named to the team.  Katie and Ali, in true synchronized spirit, had an equal number of qualifying points.  The girls will travel to the Olympic Training Center in Texas in December to train with the rest of the ODP team.  Way to go girls!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

ODP Results

  • Katie and Alex finished with a silver and bronze, respectively, in the ODP double mini competition.
  • Alex also placed sixth on tumbling.
  • Jameson took the bronze in the boys' double mini competition, fifth on trampoline, and fourth on tumbling.
  • In her first outing, Mackenzie finished tenth in the ODP trampoline competition.

Noah and Michael named to WAGS

Noah was named to the World Age Group team for trampoline and double mini and Michael was named for double mini. They will travel to Bulgaria in November to represent the US in international competition. 

 Coach Scott was named as one of two double mini coaches for the USA Worlds team.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Michael claims Silver on Double Mini

Michael landed and stuck his triple to move from fourth to second in the junior double mini finals.

Stars and Stripes Results Day 2

  • Matthew, trampoline, level 8, Gold medal,
  • Matthew, double mini, level 9, Gold medal
  • Bayley, double mini, level 8, Gold medal
  • Serena, trampoline, level 8, Gold medal
  • Cole, trampoline, level 9, Gold medal
  • Mackenzie, double mini, level 8, Gold medal
  • Nichole, double mini, junior elite, Silver medal
  • Shelby, tumbling, junior elite, Silver medal 
  • Michael, double mini, junior elite, Silver medal 
  • Jameson, tumbling, level 10, Silver medal
  • Serena, double mini, level 8, Silver medal
  • Ariana, trampoline, level 10, Silver medal
  • Jameson, trampoline, level 10, Silver medal
  • Nichole, trampoline level 10, Silver medal
  • Alex, double mini, level 10, Silver medal
  • Ariana, tumbling, level 8, Bronze medal
  • Jameson, double mini, level 10, Bronze medal
  • Cole, double mini, level 9, Bronze medal
  • Shelby, double mini, senior elite, fourth place
  • Alex, tumbling, level 10, fourth place
  • Katie, double mini, level 10, fourth place
  • Noah, trampoline, senior elite, fifth place
  • Alex, trampoline, level 9, sixth place
  • Mackenzie, trampoline, level 9, sixth place
  • Bayley, trampoline, level 9, seventh place,
  • Michael, trampoline, junior elite, seventh place,
  • Ariana, double mini, level 10, eighth place
  • Katie, trampoline, level 10, eighth place
  • Noah, double mini, senior elite, ninth place

Alex, third going into finals level 10, double mini
Katie, second going into finals level 10, double mini
Alex, fifth going into finals level 9, trampoline
Cole, first going into finals level 9, trampoline
Jameson, third going into finals, level 10, double mini
Ariana, fifth going into finals, level 10, double mini
Mackenzie, seventh going into finals, level 9, trampoline
Bayley, third going into finals, level 9, trampoline

Friday, August 30, 2013

Silver Medal for Noah and Mitch

Silver synchro to end the day.

First session medalists

Stars and Stripes Results Day One

Silver medal, Ariana and Nichole, synchro, level 10
Gold medal, Cole, tumbling, level 8
Silver medal, Noah and Mitch, synchro, senior elite

Michael, fourth going into junior elite double mini finals
Nichole, first going into junior elite double mini finals
Michael, eighth going into junior elite double mini finals
Shelby, fourth going into senior elite double mini finals
Noah, sixth going into senior elite trampoline finals
Shelby, second going into junior elite tumbling finals
Katie, in sixth going into level 10 finals trampoline
Nichole, third going into level 10 finals trampoline
Ariana, third going into level 10 finals trampoline
Jameson, third going into level 10 finals trampoline
Alex, third going into level 10 finals tumbling
Jameson, second going into level 10 finals tumbling
Cole, second going into level 9 finals double mini
Matthew, first going into level finals level 9 double mini

Noah finished ninth on senior elite double mini, missing finals by one tenth of a point

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day Seven Results


Alexander, Bronze Medal, TR, level 7
Matthew, Fourth Place, TR, level 6
Brooke, Fourth Place, TR, level 7
Bree, Sixth Place, TU, level 6
Olivia, Fifth Place, TR, level 6
Denae, Eighth Place, TR, Level 6
Ariana, 11th Place, TU, level 7
Brooke, Fifth Place, TU, level 6
Cole, Fourth Place, TU, level 7

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day Six Results

  • Alexander, NATIONAL CHAMPION, DM, level 7
  • Matthew, NATIONAL CHAMPION, TU, level 5
  • Davis, Fifth Place, TR, level 5
  • Elizabeth, Fifth Place, TU, level 5
  • Matthew, Bronze Medal, DM, level 6
  • Brooke, 9th Place, DM, level 7
  • Mackenzie, Silver Medal, TR, level 7
  • Carson, Fourth Place, TR, level 7
  • Kate, 20th Place, TR, level 7
  • Alexander, 11th Place, TU, level 6

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Day Five Results

  • Tory, Sixth Place, DM, Level 9
  • Ariana, Bronze Medal, TR, Level 9

  • Ali, Fourth Place, DM, ODP
  • Katie C., Fifth Place, DM, ODP
  • Alex, Sixth Place, DM, ODP
  • Jameson, Seventh Place, DM, ODP
  • Alex, Ninth Place, TU, ODP
  • Jameson, 8th Place, TU ODP
  • Ali,12th Place, TR, ODP
  • Katie C.,15th Place, TR, ODP
  • Jameson, 9th Place, TR, ODP

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day Four Results

  • Bayley, 6th Place, DM, Level 8
  • Katie P, 12th Place, DM, Level 9
  • Bayley, 13th Place, TR, Level 9
  • Ali, 6th Place, TR, Level 10
  • Alex, 6th Place, TU, Level 10
  • Jameson, Bronze Medal, TR, Level 10 
  • Katie C, 4th Place, DM, Level 10
  • Alex, 8th Place, DM, Level 10
  • Nichole, 5th Place, TR, Level 10
  • Noah, 6th Place, DM, Sr. Elite
  • Danica, 7th Place, DM, Jr. Elite

Tory, DM, Level 9
Ariana, TR, Level 9

Friday, July 5, 2013

Day Three Results

  • Carson, 5th Place, double mini, level 8
Alex, level 10, tumbling
Jameson, level 10, trampoline
Ali, level 10, trampoline
Nichole, level 10, trampoline
Dani, Jr Elite, double mini
Noah, Sr Elite, double mini

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Day Two Results

  • Cole, Fourth Place, DM, level 8
  • Seth, Eighth Place, DM, level 8
  • Emma, Bronze Medal, TR level 8
  • Serena, Eighth Place, TR, level 8
  • Cole, Silver Medal, TR, level 8
  • Seth, Silver Medal, TR, level 8
  • Bree, 13th Place, TR, level 8
  • Jameson, 10th Place, DM, level 10
  • Ali, 9th Place, DM, level 10
Alex, DM, level 10
Katie, DM, level 10

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Countdown

Good luck at Nationals to Air Sports' largest national team to date!

  • Alex R-- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Alex T -- Tr, DM, Tu, ODP
  • Ali -- Tr, DM, SY, ODP
  • Ariana -- Tr, DM, Tu, SY
  • Bayley -- Tr, DM, SY
  • Bree -- Tr, DM
  • Brooke -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Carson -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Cole -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Dani -- DM
  • Davis -- Tr, DM
  • Denae -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Elizabeth -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Emma -- Tr, DM
  • Hannah ---- Tr, DM
  • Jameson -- Tr, DM, ODP
  • Jamie -- Tr
  • Kate -- Tr, DM 
  • Katie C -- Tr, DM, SY, ODP
  • Katie P -- Tr, DM, SY
  • Matthew -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Mackenzie R -- Tr, DM
  • McKenzie K -- Tr, DM
  • Michael -- Tr, DM
  • Nichole -- Tr, DM
  • Noah -- Tr, DM, SY
  • Olivia -- Tr, DM 
  • Rebecca -- Tr, DM 
  • Serena -- Tr, DM, Tu
  • Seth -- Tr, DM
  • Shelby -- DM, Tu
  • Tory -- Tr, DM, SY

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Regional Champions

  1. Ariana, tumbling, level 7
  2. Serena, tumbling, level 6
  3. Shelby, tumbling, Jr Elite
  4. Shelby, double mini, Jr Elite
  5. Van, trampoline, level 6
  6. Van, double mini, level 6
  7. Finn, double mini, level 3
  8. Finn, trampoline, level 3
  9. Mackenzie R, trampoline, level 7
  10. Carson, double mini, level 8
  11. Emma, trampoline, level 8
  12. Brooke, trampoline, level 7
  13. Brooke, tumbling, level 6
  14. Brooke, double mini, level 7
  15. Olivia, double mini, level 5
  16. Olivia, trampoline, level 6
  17. Denae, trampoline, level 6
  18. Bree, double mini, level 8
  19. Mia, tumbling, level 8
  20. Ariana and Tory, synchro, level 9
  21. Cole, trampoline, level 8
  22. Cole, tumbling, level 7
  23. Cole, trampoline, level 8
  24. Alex, double mini, level 7
  25. Alex, trampoline, level 7
  26. Daniel, trampoline, level 4
  27. Daniel, double mini, level 4
  28. Seth, trampoline, level 8
Silver Medalists
  1. Ariana, trampoline, level 9
  2. Nichole, trampoline, level 10 and REGIONAL ALL STAR!!
  3. Carson, trampoline, level 7
  4. Ali and Katie, synchro, level 10
  5. Tory and Katie, synchro, level 9
  6. Tory, double mini, level 9
  7. Mia, double mini, level 8
  8. Matthew, tumbling, level 5
  9. Matthew, trampoline, level 6
Bronze Medalists
  1. Ariana, double mini, level 10
  2. Ali, double mini, level 10
  3. Ali, trampoline, level 10
  4. Hayley, double mini, level 10
  5. Natalie, double mini, level 7
  6. Sophie, trampoline, level 5
  7. Matthew, double mini, level 6
  8. Bree, trampoline, level 8

Solid gold session!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Air Sports in Texas

Some Air Sports results from Frisco: Noah finished 9th on trampoline and 4th with synchro partner Nathan in his first major competition as a Senior Elite. 

Ali and Katie are bringing home a 4th and an 8th in the level 10 double mini competition, as well as a silver in synchro, and Jameson scored a silver on trampoline!! More to come!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

State Meet Results

State Champions
  1. Ariana, Trampoline
  2. Ariana, Double Mini
  3. Ariana and Tory, Synchro
  4. Bayley, Double Mini
  5. Rebecca, Trampoline
  6. Michael, Trampoline
  7. Michael, Double Mini
  8. Noah, Trampoline
  9. Katie and Ali, Synchro
  10. Katie C, Trampoline
  11. Alex T, Tumbling
  12. Alex T, Trampoline
  13. Ali, Double Mini
  14. Nicole, Trampoline
  15. Dani, Double Mini
  16. Shelby, Tumbling
  17. Hayleey, Double Mini
  18. Seth, Trampoline
  19. Seth, Double Mini
  20. Macy, Trampoline
  21. Katie P, Double Mini
  22. Daniel, Double Mini
  23. Jameson, Trampoline
  24. Serena, Tumbling
  25. Serena, Double Mini
  26. Mackenzie R Trampoline
  27. McKenzie K, Double Mini
  28. Van, Trampoline
  29. Finn, Trampoline
  30. Van, Double Mini
  31. Finn, Double Mini
  32. Alex R, Trampoline
  33. Alex R, Double Mini
  34. Alex R, Tumbling
  35. Brooke, Trampoline
  36. Cole, Tumbling
  37. Cole, Trampoline
  38. Cole Double Mini
  39. Matthew, Trampoline
  40. Matthew, Double Mini
  41. Elizabeth, Tumbling
Silver Medals
  1. Katie P, Trampoline
  2. Ali, Trampoline
  3. Alex T, Double Mini
  4. Bayley and Katie, Synchro
  5. Shelby, Double Mini
  6. Ariana, Tumbling
  7. Bree, Trampoline
  8. Brynn, Trampoline
  9. Brynn, Double Mini
  10. Davis, Trampoline
  11. Davis, Double Mini
  12. Noah, Double Mini
  13. Tory, Double Mini
  14. Macy, Double Mini
  15. Daniel, Trampoline
  16. Carson, Tumbling
  17. Emma S, Trampoline
  18. Jameson, Tumbling
  19. Brooke, Double Mini
  20. Matthew, Tumbling
  1. Bayley, Trampoline
  2. Hayleey, Trampoline
  3. Natalie, Trampoline
  4. Nichole, Double Mini
  5. Hannah, Double Mini
  6. Natalie, Double Mini
  7. Brynn, Tumbling
  8. Macy, Tumbling
  9. Serena, Trampoline
  10. Kate, Trampoline
  11. Jameson, Double Mini
  12. Mackenzie R, Double Mini
  13. Brooke, Tumbling
  14. Denae, Trampoline
  15. Denae, Double Mini

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Four State Titles in Session Two

Van and Finn each scored double gold at the state meet!

Session One

Gold for Jameson and Mackenzie R on trampoline and for Serena and McKenzie K on double mini.  Tumbling gold for Serena.  Silvers tumbling for Jameson and Carson and for Emma on trampoline.  Bronze for Serena and Kate on trampoline and for Jameson and MacKenzie R on double mini.

More importantly... Everyone qualified for nationals.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Air Sports Goes to State 2013

A Retrospective of the Amazing 2012-2103 Regular Season
Good luck to all our Air Sports athletes at the State Meet!!
Roumen returns to coach at Air Sports...look at this Team of Smiling Faces!  Thanks for your help preparing this amazing Team of Athletes for the 2013 State Championships.  Roumen you are a Great friend and I LOVE having you at the gym!  Thanks for your kind words, endless support, and for caring about these AWESOME kids...

On the journey to the top we successfully achieved a place on the USA National Trampoline & Double Mini Team with a photo now overlooking the training center.  These special athletes must Risk more than most, Dare to do more than most, and Dream bigger than those before them...(Noah is top row far right - inside the OTC in Texas))

Over the season we kept our Teammates close, we trained hard and with direction & focus, we also played hard, and we formed friendships that will last a life time...

The Air Sports Athletes competed with some of the best in the sport this season.  We traveled to far off states to be challenged and to place ourselves in situations that will force us to learn, grow, and become better at everything we are doing...

In ALL that we do and during all the time & energy that goes into each and every practice...we keep our eyes on the Prize and we keep "looking" towards the future.  Anything can happen - Anything is possible...

During the development of Great Athletes the most important part of all of this is to become Great People!  To understand true Sportsmanship.  To stay united and together as a moving, working, breathing Team.  To lead by example while helping those around us.  To Learn all we can about joy & happiness, pain & fear, the differences in one another, and to learn to live with a bit more LOVE!  To better fully understand how very lucky we are to live in the United States of America and live with Freedom!   It is Great Athletes & People doing Great Things that will make a better tomorrow...

Although there is always a little "static" in our lives...we choose to be Happy and Smile to move us to a better place.  It is one Key element to this Team...we are Happy to train and we are Smiling in ALL that we must do to be our Very Best!  We enjoy the process, take on the challenge, and over come it all.  We FIND a way to succeed...

And after a long challenging season of competing from Arizona to Utah to Texas and more trips to the OTC then I can remember...we have found a way to "Rise to the Top" at each and every stop!  The Air Sports Athletes & Families have formed a Team Bond that is without question one of the strongest T&T Programs in the US.  This season Air Sports WON at every competition we attended, we learned what we needed, and we gained the "winning edge"; so as I look towards this weekends State Championships...I am extremely confident, proud, and prepared that the Air Sports Athletes will yet again perform at their Personal Best and Rise to the Top!!!
GOOD LUCK to all the Air Sports Athletes this weekend!
Goooooooo For the Gold!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

State Meet Schedule

Below is the final schedule for the 2013 AZ T&T State Championships. Athletes will attend the session which corresponds with their highest competitive level.

Final Schedule Updated

Session 1 Saturday April 20
13-14 Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45am
Competition 10:00am
Awards 12:15pm

Session 2 Saturday April 20
11 Year Old Females & 8 and Under Males and Females All Levels
Open Warm Up 1:00
March In 1:45
Competition 2:00
Awards 4:00

Session 3 Saturday April 20
9-10 Males and Females
Open Warm Up 5:00
March In 5:45
Competition 6:00
Awards 8:00

Session 4 Sunday April 21
12 Year Old Females and 11-12 Males All Levels
Open Warm Up 9:00am
March In 9:45
Competition 10:00
Awards 12:00pm

Session 5 Sunday April 21
15+ Males and Females and All Elites
Open Warm Up 1:00pm
March In 2:00
Competition 2:15
Awards 4:45


North Valley Gymnastics
20815 N. 28th St.
Phoenix, AZ 85050
Phone: 602-404-3547

1 Session
Adults $8.00
Seniors $5.00
Children (5-10) $4.00
4 & Under Free

2 Sessions
Adults $14.00
Seniors $8.00
Children (5-10) $6.00
4 & Under Free

3 Sessions
Adults $20.00
Seniors $11.00
Children (5-10) $9.00
4 & Under Free

Athlete gifts for all competitors!
Hosted By: North Valley Gymnastics
Email Questions to:
Senior Awards at the end of session 5

Monday, April 8, 2013

Peace Love Roundup

A small contingency of six athletes brought home eight gold medals, four silvers, and a bronze at the Peace Love Meet held this weekend in Gilbert at the USA Youth Fitness facility.  Great job Air Sports athletes!!


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Air Sports wins 50 medals at KLI

50 medals to Air Sports  at the 3rd Kalon Ludvigson Invitational - 2013....25 gold, 19 silver, and 6 bronze.

Gold for Bree and Bronze for Serena on Double Mini

Gold for Carson, silver for McKenzie R, and 5th for Kate on trampoline. Gold for Macy and Alex R on double mini and for Cole on trampoline. Silver for Brooke and Cole on double mini.

Friday, March 15, 2013

First results

Ari, Tory, and Bayley took gold, silver, and bronze at level 9 on trampoline. Alex won her division on trampoline and Tory took the silver at level 9 on double mini. Bree had a fluke of a fall but still took a fourth on trampoline and both of our synchro squads hit gold.   All our elites and level 10s have finals tomorrow.

Day One at the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trampoline National Team Training Camp

 We had a wonderful USA Team Training Camp inside the OTC last weekend.  It was extra special because Coach Phil was again invited and he attended the training camp with us - and Phil and I were roommates during it all:)

I am so very Proud of Noah and how hard he worked during this camp.  He was pushed pushed pushed during several long days to jump higher, flip faster, and to combine different skills together to create new exciting warm ups & routines.
He was challenged physically by Olympians Logan & Steven; he was challenged emotionally by the members of the USA National Team; he was challenged personally to be his very Best while wearing USA proudly across his chest.
We have a very strong USA National Team. The Athletes are very good and very focused on the goal of success at this year's World Championships & World Age-Group Championships.
They have set their goals, they are aiming high, and training each and everyday for future success...

Keep up the hard work Noah!
Keep TRAINING harder then the rest, AIMING higher then the best, and DREAMING bigger then those before you...

I really like this picture...
Noah looking ahead to whats to come...

Noah Orr
USA National Team Member on
   Trampoline & Double Mini
Inside the Olympic Training Center - Houston Texas Feb. 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Air Sports wins Three Team Awards at Classic Rock

Session five was a medal rush for Air Sports.  The 10 and unders brought home 14 gold, four silver, and four bronze and then stuck around to collect the Air Sports team awards.  

Session four medal count was four golds, two silvers, and three bronze. 

In sessions 4 & 5, Alex and Brooke hit gold at level 7 and Cole, Bree, and Seth all took gold at level 8 on trampoline to complete the sweep at levels 7, 8, and 9.

Air Sports won the level 8&9 team trampoline award (brown guitar), the level 4-7 team trampoline award (blue guitar), and the level 4-7 team double mini award (pink guitar).  Second place honors went to the level 10&elite tumblers and third place was awarded to the 10&elite double mini squad.

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! Look out Salt Lake! Here we come!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Session Three

Double golds for Shelby, tumbling and double mini
Triple golds for Ali, trampoline, double mini, and synchro
Gold for Jameson, tumbling
Silvers for Michael, Ariana, Katie C, Jameson, Hayley, and Nichole on double mini
Silvers for Jameson, Katie C, and Nicole on trampoline
Bronze for Hayley, trampoline
Fifth for Michael, trampoline

Session Two Results

A sweep of first through fourth for the level 9 Fantastic Four trampolinists: Ariana, Katie, Bayley, and Tory

  • Gold for Tory and Ariana's synchro
  • Bronze for Rebecca and an seventh for Liz, level 8 trampoline
  • Fourth for Tory and a tenth for Katie, level 9 double mini
  • Bronze for Bayley, eighth for Rebecca and a tenth for Liz on double mini, level 8
  • Gold for Liz and a bronze for Ariana tumbling.

Happy Birthday Bayley!!!