Saturday, June 11, 2016

Air Sports Super Six wins 12 medals at Nationals

                   Ariana won level 10 double mini to claim her second national title.


Van went two for two and won national titles on double mini and trampoline, level 9. He adds those to the two titles he earned in Long Beach.

Ariana and Megan hit synchro silver on the first day of competition.

Seth is taking home a silver for level 9 double mini.

Van and Alex also claimed synchro silver at level 9.


Ariana completed her hat trick, claiming a bronze medal in the open elite trampoline competition.

Alex took the bronze medal for level 9 trampoline.

Lotta is seeing double with two fourth place medals, one for double mini and one for trampoline, both level 9.

Last but not least, Alex took sixth on double mini, level 9.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 3 Results

Ariana is into finals in fifth place, trampoline, open elite
Van is into finals in first place, double mini, level 9
Lotta is into finals in fifth place, double mini, level 9

All of our double mini athletes made it into finals!!

Seth finished 11th on trampoline, level 10
Emma finished 12th on trampoline, level 10

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 2 Results

Ariana is in first place going into finals, level 10 double mini
Lotta is into finals in fifth place, level 9 trampoline
Alex is into finals in fifth place, level 9 double mini and third place, level 9 trampoline 
Seth is in to finals in fourth place, level 9 double mini
Van is into finals in first place, level 9 trampoline

Lotta finished tenth, tumbling, level 9.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

First day at Nationals yields two silver medals

Ariana and Megan capture elite silver.

Van and Alex are bringing home synchro silver (level 9).

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Air Sports hits a Grand Slam at Elite Challenge

Three women of Air Sports competed in the Elite Challenge at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and everyone came home with a bit of bling!

Megan and Ariana hit Gold (Open Elite Synchro)

Ariana took the Silver in the Open Elite Trampoline Competition

Ariana took the Bronze at Level 10, Double Mini

Katie also took Bronze at Level 10, Double Mini

Emma took Bronze, Level 10, Trampoline

Katie and Emma hit Gold in the level 10 Synchro Competition

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Regional Results

Regional Champion, Ariana, Open Elite, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Ariana and Megan, Open Elite, Synchronized Trampoline
Regional Champion, Ariana, Level 10, Double Mini
Regional Champion, Seth, Level 10, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Katie and Emma, Level 10, Synchronized Trampoline
Regional Champion, Alex and Van, Level 9, Synchronized Trampoline
Regional Champion, Ava and Lotta, Level 9, Synchronized Trampoline
Regional Champion, Ava, Level 9, Double Mini
Regional Champion, Van, Level 9, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Alex, Level 9, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Lotta, Level 9, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Marli, Level 8, Trampoline
Regional Champion, Lexi, Level 3, Double Mini
Regional Champion, India, Level 3, Trampoline

Silver Medal, Emma, Level 10, Trampoline
Silver Medal, Katie, Level 10, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Seth, Level 9, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Van, Level 9, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Alex, Level 9, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Lotta, Level 9, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Grace, Level 9, Trampoline
Silver Medal, Marli, Level 8, Double Mini
Silver Medal, Marli, Level 7, Tumbling
Silver Medal, Finn, Level 6, Trampoline
Silver Medal, Finn, Level 6, Double Mini

Bronze Medal, Ava, Level 9, Trampoline
Bronze Medal, Grace, Level 9, Double Mini
Bronze Medal, Grace, Level 8, Tumbling
Bronze Medal, Ava, Level 8, Tumbling
Bronze Medal, Alex, Level 8, Tumbling
Bronze, Lexi, Level 3, Trampoline

Fourth, Van, Level 6, Tumbling

Fifth, Katie, Level 10, Trampoline

Eighth, Rylee, Level 9, Trampoline

Tenth, Rylee, Level 9, Tumbling
Tenth, India, Level 5, Double Mini

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Air Sports 2016 State Champions

  1. Ariana Schein/Megan Hiruko (Aspire), Open Elite, Synchro
  2. Ariana Schein, Level 10, Double Mini
  3. Katie Currier/Emma Straker, Level 10, Synchro
  4. Seth Stein, Level 9, Double Mini
  5. Alex Sedwick, Level 9, Trampoline
  6. Alex Sedwick/Van Larson, Level 9, Synchro
  7. Ava Huss/Sharlotta Mozes, Level 9, Synchro
  8. Ava Huss, Level 9, Trampoline
  9. Ava Huss, Level 9, Double Mini
  10. Grace Garland, Level 9, Trampoline
  11. Grace Garland, Level 9, Double Mini
  12. Van Larson, Level 9, Trampoline
  13. Alex Sedwick, Level 8, Tumbling
  14. Rylee Stanton, Level 8, Trampoline
  15. Rylee Stanton, Level 8, Double Mini
  16. Rylee Stanton, Level 8, Tumbling
  17. Alex Schwartz, Level 8, Trampoline
  18. Alex Schwartz, Level 8, Double Mini
  19. Marli Stamps, Level 8, Trampoline
  20. Marli Stamps, Level 8, Double Mini
  21. Grace Garland, Level 8, Tumbling
  22. Avriell Craig, Level 7, Trampoline
  23. Avriell Craig, Level 7, Double Mini
  24. Marli Stamps, Level 7, Tumbling
  25. Alex Schwartz, Level 7, Tumbling
  26. Serena Schein, Level 6, Tumbling
  27. Finn Larson, Level 6, Trampoline
  28. Finn Larson, Level 6, Double Mini
  29. Van Larson, Level 6, Tumbling
  30. India Larson, Level 5, Double Mini
  31. Cassidy daSilva, Level 3, Trampoline
  32. India Larson, Level 3, Trampoline
  33. Alexandria Pickard, Level 3, Double Mini
  34. Cassidy daSilva, Level 3, Double Mini

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Winter Classic

Ariana took third on double mini (level 10) and finished second on trampoline (open elite). Emma took seventh on trampoline.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Results from Dallas

  • Gold, Van and Alex Sedwick, Synchro, Level 9
  • Gold, Ava, DM, Level 9
  • Gold, Van, DM, Level 9
  • Gold, Van, Trampoline, Level 9
  • Gold, Alex Schwartz, DM, Level 8
  • Gold, Alex Schwartz, TU, Level 7
  • Silver, Alex Sedwick, Trampoline, Level 9
  • Silver, Alex Schwartz, Trampoline, Level 7
  • Bronze, Ava, Trampoline, Level 9
  • Bronze, Alex Sedwick, Double Mini, Level 9
  • Fifth, Finn, DM, level 7
  • Sixth, Finn, Trampoline, Level 6
  • Eighth, Ava, Tumbling, Level 8

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising is being held on Sunday, 1/17/2016 at Aspire Kids Sports Center: 50 S. Hearthstone Way, Chandler, AZ 85226

Admission - Per Session
$8.00 adults / $5.00 child
Sessions are as follows:

Session 1
Levels 3 ~ 5
General Warm-up: 8:00am
Awards 10:45am
March In 8:20am

Session 2
Levels 10 & Elite
General Warm-up: 11:00am
March In 11:30am
Awards 2:00pm

Session 3
Levels 6 & 7
General Warm-up: 2:15pm
March In 2:35pm
Awards 5:00pm

Session 4
Levels 8 & 9
General Warm-up: 5:15pm
March In 5:35pm
Awards 8:30pm