Saturday, July 6, 2019

Senior Elite Final Results

Noah pulled out all the stops and landed in the silver position in the men's senior double mini competition. He was subsequently named to the national team for double mini. GO NOAH!

Kristle finished in sixth place in the women's senior elite competition and was also named to the senior national team.

Friday, July 5, 2019

More Nationals Results


  • Silver medal, Ariana, open elite, trampoline
  • Bronze medal, Van, youth elite trampoline
  • 6th place, Van, double mini, youth elite
  • 6th place, Ava, trampoline, youth elite
  • 6th place, Lotta, double mini, youth elite
  • 6th place, India, double mini, level 8
  • 11th place, Ana, tumbling, level 8
  • 12th place, Finn, double mini, level 8

  • Noah, 5th place, double mini, senior elite

Nationals wraps up tomorrow with Finn on trampoline and Indy on trampoline an and double mini during the day.  Noah and Kristle battling it out in double mini finals in the arena on Saturday night.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

July 4th Nationals



  • 1st place, Lotta, double mini youth elite 
  • 7th place, Ava, youth elite trampoline
  • 3rd place, Ariana, open elite trampoline
  • 4th place, Van, youth elite trampoline
  • 6th place, Van, youth elite double mini
  • 12th place, Lotta, youth elite trampoline
  • 8th place, Ava, level 10 double mini 
  • 5th place, Ryder, level  9 double mini 
  • 7th place, Ryder, level 10 trampoline
  • 4th place, Ana, level 9 
  • 15th place, Noan, senior elite trampoline
  • 6th place, Kristle, senior elite double mini.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

USA Nationals 2019

Day One
Prelims (going to Finals)

  • Noah (& Andrew), 7th, Synchro, Sr Elite
  • Van (& Gavin), 1st, Synchro, Youth Elite
  • Ava (& Madison), 2nd, Synchro, Youth Elite
  • (Ariana and SyAnn), 3rd, Synchro, Open Elite
  • Ava, 5th, Double Mini, level 10
  • Ana, 5th, Trampoline, level 9
  • Ryder, 7th, Trampoline, level 10
  • Ryder, 7th, Double Mini, level 9


  • SILVER MEDAL, Ryder (& Preston), Synchro, Level 10
  • BRONZE MEDAL, Ana (& Cameron), Synchro, Level 9
  • 4th Place, Ghavyn (& Ben), Synchro, Level 10

Van and Gavin, National Champions

Day Two

  • NATIONAL CHAMPIONS, Van (& Gavin), Synchro, Youth Elite
  • SILVER MEDAL, Ava (& Madison), Synchro, Youth Elite
  • SILVER MEDAL, (Ariana and SyAnn), 3rd, Synchro, Open Elite
  • 5th Place, Noah (& Andrew), Synchro, Sr Elite
  • (Ariana), 15th, Double Mini, Level 10
  • Gavyn, 20th, Double Mini, Level 10
  • Gavyn, 34th, Trampoline, Level 10

Ava and Madison, Silver Medalists

Ariana and SyAnn, Silver Medalists

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dallas Cup Results

  • Van and Jayce, youth elite, gold medal
  • Lotta and Jessica, youth elite, bronze medal
  • Van, Trampoline, youth elite, gold medal
  • Noah, Trampoline, open elite, silver medal
  • Lotta, Trampoline, youth elite, 6th place
  • Kiley, Trampoline, level 8, 16th place
  • Kiley, Double Mini, level 8, 17th place
  • Noah, Double Mini, open elite, bronze medal
  • Van, Double Mini, level 10, gold medal
  • Lotta, Double Mini, level 10, 8th place

Phx Rising - Session 4 kids ROCKED.