Thursday, February 16, 2017

Air Sports ROCKS the 2017 DALLAS CUP!

A big moment for our little man Van.  He successfully hit both routines in prelims and achieved the required degree of difficulty to reach Youth Elite - Congrats Van!!!
Van is now officially Air Sports's newest and youngest Elite!.!.!.!
Air Sports "newest" Synchro Pair 

Emma and Lotta ROCKED the Synchro competition at Dallas Cup.
Silver Medal next to our new Canadian friends...
Grrrreat Job Girls!!!

Air Sports and Old Pueblo unwinding after a long day...

Alexandria and India really got into this!
A little "play time" back at the hotel.  Great job kids - LOVED IT!!

L U N C H  T I M E

Grabbing a quick lunch before heading back to the arena.  
Sorry we missed you at lunch Alex R...

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Air Sports Super Six wins 12 medals at Nationals

                   Ariana won level 10 double mini to claim her second national title.


Van went two for two and won national titles on double mini and trampoline, level 9. He adds those to the two titles he earned in Long Beach.

Ariana and Megan hit synchro silver on the first day of competition.

Seth is taking home a silver for level 9 double mini.

Van and Alex also claimed synchro silver at level 9.


Ariana completed her hat trick, claiming a bronze medal in the open elite trampoline competition.

Alex took the bronze medal for level 9 trampoline.

Lotta is seeing double with two fourth place medals, one for double mini and one for trampoline, both level 9.

Last but not least, Alex took sixth on double mini, level 9.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Day 3 Results

Ariana is into finals in fifth place, trampoline, open elite
Van is into finals in first place, double mini, level 9
Lotta is into finals in fifth place, double mini, level 9

All of our double mini athletes made it into finals!!

Seth finished 11th on trampoline, level 10
Emma finished 12th on trampoline, level 10

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Day 2 Results

Ariana is in first place going into finals, level 10 double mini
Lotta is into finals in fifth place, level 9 trampoline
Alex is into finals in fifth place, level 9 double mini and third place, level 9 trampoline 
Seth is in to finals in fourth place, level 9 double mini
Van is into finals in first place, level 9 trampoline

Lotta finished tenth, tumbling, level 9.