Saturday, January 20, 2018

Dallas Cup Results

  • Van and Jayce, youth elite, gold medal
  • Lotta and Jessica, youth elite, bronze medal
  • Van, Trampoline, youth elite, gold medal
  • Noah, Trampoline, open elite, silver medal
  • Lotta, Trampoline, youth elite, 6th place
  • Kiley, Trampoline, level 8, 16th place
  • Kiley, Double Mini, level 8, 17th place
  • Noah, Double Mini, open elite, bronze medal
  • Van, Double Mini, level 10, gold medal
  • Lotta, Double Mini, level 10, 8th place

Phx Rising - Session 4 kids ROCKED.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Ariana and Van head to Bulgaria~!

Ariana and Van were selected to compete at the World Age Group Championships.  They will both compete individually on trampoline and in synchronized trampoline.
Watch for updates here!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Ariana and Van Invited to Selection Camp!

Ariana and Van have been invited to the world age group selection camp to be held in September in Texas. From there, they may be selected to represent the United States in Bulgaria in November.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Air Sports on the Medal Stand at Nationals!

Added to the three previously earned synchro medals, the Air Sports medal count stands at 10. Ariana, Ava, and Van each hit a hat trick, earning medals in all three their events.

Ava, National Champion, trampoline, level 9

Van, National Champion, double mini, level 10

Van, silver medal, trampoline, youth elite

Ariana, bronze medal (again), trampoline, open elite

Ariana, bronze medal, double mini, level 10

Emma finished fourth, trampoline, level 10

Ava finished fourth, double mini, level 9

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Preliminary Results

Day Two and Three Results
Preliminaries, top 8 go to finals

  • Ava, first, double mini, level 9
  • Ava, third, trampoline, level 9
  • Van, first, double mini, level 10
  • Van, second, trampoline, youth elite 
  • Van, third, trampoline, level 10
  • Ariana, sixth, trampoline, open elite
  • Ariana, fourth, double mini, level 10
  • Emma, fifth, trampoline, level 10
  • Lotta, eighth, trampoline, youth elite
  • Lotta, tenth, double mini, level 10