Friday, July 5, 2019

More Nationals Results


  • Silver medal, Ariana, open elite, trampoline
  • Bronze medal, Van, youth elite trampoline
  • 6th place, Van, double mini, youth elite
  • 6th place, Ava, trampoline, youth elite
  • 6th place, Lotta, double mini, youth elite
  • 6th place, India, double mini, level 8
  • 11th place, Ana, tumbling, level 8
  • 12th place, Finn, double mini, level 8

  • Noah, 5th place, double mini, senior elite

Nationals wraps up tomorrow with Finn on trampoline and Indy on trampoline an and double mini during the day.  Noah and Kristle battling it out in double mini finals in the arena on Saturday night.

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