Sunday, December 9, 2012

2012 Turkey Tumble

A few of the Air Sports Stars...
A few CrAzY happy Turkey's

The Stars of Session 3.
Coach Sharon & the Girls!

 Air Sports Athletes & Coaches did it again!
We achieved huge success in this season's Turkey Tumble!  Great job to all the amazing hard working Air Sports Athletes - you are truly the BEST...
(Sorry athletes of session 2 - Levels 10+ session - I was busy coaching and didn't even get a single picture -  Diana help....)

Friday, November 30, 2012

Turkey Tumble Sessions

Turkey Tumble @ Aspire
Dec 8 & 9th at Aspire.
Aspire Kids Sports Center
50 S. Hearthstone Way
Chandler, AZ 85226

Saturday 12/8 - Ages 13 and up
Warm up    2:30pm
March in    3:30pm
Awards    5:45pm

Saturday 12/8 - Levels 10 & Elite
Warm up    6:00pm
March in    7:00pm
Awards    8:45pm

Sunday 12/9 - Ages 11~12
Warm up    8:00am
March in    9:00am
Awards    11:30am

Sunday 12/9 - Ages 8 & under with Ages 9~10
Warm up    12:00pm
March in    1:00pm
Awards    4:30pm

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GI Blues Meet Session Times | Arizona Trampoline & Tumbling

Session Times for Sunday Nov. 4th
Scottsdale Gymnastics
9321 N. 94th St.
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

11 ~ 12 yr olds (Kate, Deneatra, Brynn, Mackenzie R.)
8am Warm-ups
9am March In - Start Competing
11:30 Awards

10 & Under  (Makenzie T., Sophie, Amelia, Denae, Van, Davis, Matthew, Alex)
12pm Warm-ups
1 pm March In - Start Competing
4:15pm Awards

13 & Up (Jamie & Macy)
4:45pm Warm-ups
5:45pm March In - Start Competing
8:00 Awards

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Air Sports prepares for the World Cup in Loule, Portugal

Noah qualified onto the USAG Senior National Trampoline Team and will be performing for the first time at this highest level in Loule, Portugal - World Cup Competition.  This will be Noah's second international competition, he attended this same meet two years ago as part of the USAG ODP (Olympic Development Program) when he was just 14 years old.  I have attached a small video of the planned routine for the meet - take a look.  Noah will be performing a 14.6 dd set with plans of adding an additional triffus (triple flip w/ half turn out) later in the season - that will put him into the 15+ for dd (degree of difficulty).
We are all so proud of Noah and his accomplishments!  He is a Great leader, hard worker, focused, and determined to change the future of Trampoline for Team USA.
Good Luck to Noah and ALL the Team USA Athletes!
Go Team Air Sports...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Air Sports Trampoline and Tumbling Website Updated

Air Sports Trampoline and Tumbling: "Air Sports is a premier trampoline and tumbling program comprised of athletes competing on all levels in the sports' four events: trampoline, synchronized trampoline, double-mini trampoline, and power tumbling. Trampoline is in the Olympic Games every four years; trampoline & synchro tramp, double mini, & power tumbling are all performed at World Championships every non-Olympic year.

The Team had great success in the past four seasons. In 2011-2012, a team of 25 brought home 20 national medals, including 5 gold, 8 silvers, and 7 bronze. Fourteen athletes brought home a medal (or two), and almost all of the team's athletes landed in the top 10 nationally on at least one event, and eight of the athletes were in the top 10 on all of their events."

This season Air Sports also qualified Katie onto the USAG National JumpStart Team & Noah onto the USAG Senior & Junior National Teams.  Noah is currently Senior on Trampoline & Junior on Double mini.  Noah's next big challenge will be traveling to Loule Portugal to compete in the World Cup meet as his second international competition as a Senior Elite Athlete...

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A few words that MUST be said...

I am sitting at my computer at 6am (ugh) just one day after the 2012 National Championships came to an end.  Hoping for a few extra hours of sleep...I found my mind racing all night thinking of the events, moments, performances, athletes, coaches, and emotions that filled the past 9 days.  Still very much numb for ALL of it – I am thrilled by the success and victories that we ALL found.  I must THANK Coach Sharon & Phil for their support, love, and endless passion in the development of youth athletes.  ALL the amazing Air Sports athletes that gave it their all and HIT when it counted most; all the supporting parents & families that sacrifice SO much in the support of their loved ones, and most of all for my loving wife & family that put their own personal lives on hold to support me & this amazing event.  I couldn’t do it without ALL of you working together and holding me up when I at times am overwhelmed by it all…From the bottom of my heart know that I am screaming this the loudest – I LOVE you all!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Goodbye Long Beach

Air Sports athletes made 39 trips to the podium at the JO Nationals/Elite Championships. Dani, Serena, Kate, Bayley, Tory, Alex T, Cole, and Van had a clean sweep, hitting top ten in all of their events. The final medal count is 19, including 5 gold, 8 silver, and 6 bronze. Great job athletes and coaches!

Podium trips in the last sessions included Alex winning GOLD on double mini, Brooke taking fifth on double mini, and Cole taking seventh on trampoline and silver on tumbling.  Also climbing the podium were Emma and McKenzie in a dead tie at sixth place on trampoline.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Cousins on the podium

Ariana wins bronze tumbling and Rebecca takes silver on the trampoline.

Kate finishes sixth

Kate finished sixth on the trampoline at level 5

Van wins Gold

Van wins gold in his first nationals on the trampoline, level 5.
He got the biggest cheers during the awards ceremony!!

Double Mini Podium Trips

 Eight place finishes for Cole and Liz on the double mini at level 7.  Great job!!

Brooke wins Gold

Brooke won gold on trampoline with a score of 28.2!!!

Becca wins silver

Becca won silver on trampoline, Serena took fifth, and Kate sixth!

Silver Medal for Alex on Trampoline

Brooke's Blue

Brooke was first in flight with a 28.2.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Final Results for Saturday

Fifth place for Katie P, double mini, level 9
Bronze medal to Ariana, trampoline, level 9
Bronze medal to Tory, trampoline, level 9
Seventh place for Alex, trampoline and a silver medal on double mini, level 9
TWO silver medals for Danica on double mini and trampoline, level 10
Silver medal to Noah, double mini, Junior Elite

Way to go Air Sports!


The following athletes are headed to finals today:
Noah, Jr Elite DM
Dani, Level 10 DM and trampoline
Katie, Level 9, DM
Ariana, Level 9, trampoline
Tory, Level 9, trampoline
Alex, Level 9, trampoline

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Medal Update

Air Sports Regional Champions (14)

Ariana, Tumbling, Level 6
Serena, Trampoline, Level 7
Emma, Trampoline, Level 6
Rebecca, Trampoline, Level 7
Harrison (and Springtime partner Josh), Synchro, Level 9
Original Alex, Trampoline, Tumbling, and Double Mini, Level 9
Jordan, Double Mini and Trampoline, Level 4
Van, Double Mini and Trampoline, Level 5
New Alex, Tumbling and Trampoline, Level 5

Silver Medals (12)

Danica, Double Mini, Level 10
Serena, Double Mini, Level 8
Ariana, Trampoline, Level 9
Carson, Trampoline, Level 7
McKenzie, Trampoline (Level 6) and Tumbling (Level 7)
Katie C, Double Mini, Level 9
Brooke, Tumbling, Level 5
Kate, Double Mini, Level 5
Ariana and Tory, Syncro Level 9
Katie and Ali, Synchro Level 9
Danica and Hayleey, Synchro Level 10

Bronze Medals (7)

Danica, Trampoline, Level 10
Ariana, Double Mini, Level 9
Serena, Tumbling, Level 6
Brooke, Double Mini, Level 5
New Alex, Double Mini, Level 5
Kate, Trampoline, Level 5
Harrison, Trampoline, Level 9

Monday, May 14, 2012

Katie & Ali take Gold!

Katie & Ali won the level 9 synchro competition at the Stars & Stripes Cup in Cleveland Ohio!
Great job girls:)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2012 Stars & Stripes Cup - Cleveland, Ohio

Check out this line up for Team AIR SPORTS:

Alex T. - Level 9 on all events
Katie C. - Level 9 on all + synchro w/ Ali - Testing ODP
Ali - Level 9 Tramp & + synchro w/ Katie - Testing ODP
Harrison - Level 9 Tramp & - Testing ODP
Ariana - Level 9 Tramp &
Danica - Level 10 Tramp &
Noah - Jr. Elite Tramp &

Good Luck to ALL of our Amazing Athletes!
Go Air Sports...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Gold Rush in Session 3

Jordan: Gold on DM, Gold on Trampoline
Ryan: Silver on DM, Bronze on Trampoline
Van: Gold DM, Gold Trampoline
Alex R: Gold DM, Gold Trampoline, Silver Tumbling
Cole: Gold DM, Gold Trampoline, Gold Tumbling
Alex T: Gold Trampoline, Gold Tumbling, Silver DM

Medal Count: 11 Gold, 3 Silver, 1 Bronze

Session 2 Athletes

Wow... The olders athletes cleaned up on the medal count! 11 State Champions, 9 Silver, & 7 bronze and a LOT of smiling kids...
Go Air Sports!!!

Session 1 athletes

Everyone in this picture took a state title 1st, 2nd, or 3rd!
Air Sports does it again!!!

Second Session

Ariana: Gold Trampoline, Gold Tumbling, Silver DM, Gold Synchro
Tory: Gold Synchro, Bronze DM, 4th Trampoline
Katie P: Silver Trampoline, 5th DM
Elizabeth: Silver Tumbling, 5th Trampoline, 8th DM
Carson: Gold Trampoline, Silver Tumbling, Silver DM
Sara: Gold DM, Bronze Trampoline
Bayley: Bronze DM, 4th Trampoline
Danica: Gold Trampoline, Gold DM, and Gold Synchro
Hayleey: Gold Synchro, Bronze Trampoline, Bronze DM
Jenny: Silver DM, Bronze Trampoline, 5th Tumbling
Hannah: Gold Trampoline, Silver Tumbling, 6th DM
Rebecca: Silver DM, Bronze Trampoline
Mitch: Gold Trampoline, Silver DM

Total Medal Count: 10 Gold, 9 Silver, 7 Bronze

Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Session

Serena: Gold on Trampoline and DM, 4th tumbling
Zoey: Silver DM and Silver Trampoline
Harrison: Bronze DM and Silver Trampoline
Emma: Gold Trampoline, Silver tumbling, 4th DM
Ali: Gold Synchro, Silver Trampoline and DM
Katie: Gold Synchro, Gold Trampoline, Silver DM, Bronze tumbling
Kate: Bronze Trampoline, 4th DM

Total Medal Count: 5 Gold, 7 Silver, 3 Bronze

Friday, April 13, 2012

State Schedule

Location: USA Youth Fitness Center, 1530 S. Gilbert Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85296
Admission: Adults: $10.00 /Seniors $8.00/ Children (3-10) $6.00 (2& under) Free

Saturday April 14

Session 1
Ages : 11-12
Warm Up: 1:00
March in: 2:00
Awards: 4:30

Session 2
Ages: 13 – Over & Level 10 – Elite
Warm Up: 5:00
March in: 6:00
Awards: 8:30

Sunday April 15

Session 3
Ages: 10-Under
Warm Up: 10:00
March in: 11:00
Awards: 1:30

Monday, April 2, 2012

Katie & Harrison competing in the ODP Competition

What a Great experience for both Katie & Harrison! They both stepped up and competed in the very competitive and difficult event of ODP (Olympic Development Program) at the Elite Challenge and both did amazing! Both overcame personal challenges and both performed at their personal BEST! Results will be posted on the USAG site sometimes this week. I can tell you that both athletes did finish in the upper end of the competition and where excited to be competing with some of the BEST athletes in their age group in the entire USA!
It was exciting for Air Sports to be competing in this program again - last time around Noah qualified onto the National Team and made the trip to Portugal through this program...
Go Team Air Sports...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Men in black...

Harrison gets to train w/ the Jr & Sr Elites on the first day of training - very very cool!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here we grow again...

Here are a few of our "newest" Air Sports Team members
from our West Side Location. I am SO excited that several of our newest athletes are training hard to test the waters of JumpStart this fall and several of the Oasis location athletes will be competing this next season with Team Air Sports Leos on...Yea!!!
I totally LOVE the two training facilities option for our amazing hard working athletes. Oasis offers us the needed equipment and space for additional focus on JumpStart. Am. Elite offers us the multiple trampoline setup and two tramps training into a pit. As well as the ONLY Euro 4x4 Trampoline setup in the entire State of AZ.
Air Sports is truly Arizona's Premier Trampoline & Tumbling USAG program...

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Elite Challenge here we come...

I am SO very excited about this up coming weekend competing in the Elite Challenge in Tulsa Okla. Noah, Danica, Katie, & Harrison are ready, excited, prepared, and thrilled to be on the biggest stage in the T&T Competitive World. Noah is chasing down a Elite Challenge Title, Jr. Elite Points, and "showing off" his new record breaking DD. (Noah will also be competing Synchro Trampoline w/ Steven from Aspire...I CAN'T WAIT!!!)
Danica, who is returning after just winning Gold at the Winter Classic is back defending her Title, increasing DD on both events, and doing all of that while keeping one eye on the Jr. Elite Women out there:). Katie & Harrison are both stepping out into the difficult program of ODP (Olympic Development Program), as well as competing Level 9. Like Danica, Katie took Gold at the Winter Classic so she is confident, excited, prepared, and ready to battle for that Title again. Katie is also coming off a very motivational & inspiring JumpStart Training Camp that I believe helped her move her T&T to the next level. Harrison is also much more prepared and ready for this event as a new Level 9 athlete. He gained needed confidence from the Winter Classic Meet by taking two Silver Medals and he is looking forward to seeing who will be his competition...

These athletes are amazing at what they do and together they will carry each other very far!
Good Luck to everyone this weekend!
Good Team Air Sports!!!

This is going to be FUN...remember ALL four of these athletes are National Champions...they know how to WIN when it counts...;)

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Noah Orr competes at the Elite Levels!

I am posting this picture of Noah and I from his trip to Portugal competing in the Loule' World Cup. It was there in a far away country that changed the path that Noah and I were on. It was there that Noah gained the incredible passion and was inspired to go farther and higher than any other boy his age and level. The experiences that he lived and the lessons he learned have catapulted him to new heights and taught him to think big and dream even bigger!
Noah is more prepared today with his routines and passes because of what he saw and what he witnessed during those many days watching and learning from the BEST in the world!
Also, as Noah's coach I learned SO much about him, this sport, trends to be looking for, techniques to be training, and overall the direction that we needed to be working in. I say this because this past weekend at the USAG Winter Classic Noah had a coming out that was unmatched anywhere by any Elite Athlete.
In the first Elite Qualifier of the 2012 season - Noah qualified directly into the USA Elite Nationals on both double mini & trampoline. He qualified in the top 5 with his compulsory routine, he qualified number one with his optional routine (by over a point), he performed the second highest DD (degree of difficulty) in the country, and finished the preliminary rounds in first place overall! Noah just performed with the BEST in the USA and he came out on TOP! His hard work, total dedication, and focused mind took him to the top of the charts!
The interesting note to all of this - that was all just on trampoline...
Noah also put on a show and had a coming out on double mini that was also almost unbelievable.
He performed some of the most difficult passes in the Elite Group(s), performed all with perfect
lines and great landings, and after the preliminary rounds he was qualified into finals on both events! That was also a first for him - FINALS on both events!
Then in finals he found some needed inner strength to perform a pass that was new for him and something that he hasn’t even done back in the gym...In typical Noah fashion - he nailed two more passes and with all four passes added up he jumped into the Bronze Medal position in just his first Elite Double Mini Finals ever! Noah was and is the Elite to beat right now, and with is new DD, perfect lines, and inner passion to be the "best", he is going to take himself to new and amazing heights!
We are all SO proud of you and what you just accomplished! Keep focused, working hard, thinking big and dreaming even bigger, and keep your goals and dreams centered and in your
mind at ALL times!
Here is another picture of Noah lined up just before he competed in the World Cup that I love
so much. It is a great shot of him and all the USA Boys before we jumped onto the bus to the arena. I am using these pictures because this is where I believe Noah truly leaned and gained the inner belief in himself. It was here that Noah started to actually believe in World & Olympic Dreams and it was here that Noah witnessed the Chinese National Team putting on a show that NO country could compete with! Because of ALL the above Noah now believes that he can someday return and compete with those World & Olympic Champions...
Noah you are "one in a million" and we are all blessed to have you in our presence
each and every day. Keep doing what you are doing and keep leading in such
amazing ways...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

2012 Winter Classic - St. Petersburg, Fla.

WOW!!! Air Sports does it again!
We entered 13 prepared athletes into the 2012 Winter Classic and traveled over to St. Petersburg, Fla. to compete with the best in the country. Air Sports athletes hit routine after routine and finished one of our most successful meets to date!
Medal Count:
Gold 14
Silver 6
Bronze 2

4th 1
5th 1
6th 1
7th 2
8th 1
9th 2
11th 1
I am SO proud of this Team and what they continue to achieve!
Good Job to ALL of our Air Sports Athletes.
THANK YOU parents for your support of this event...
Go Team Air Sports!!!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bronze for Serena

A bronze for Serena on double mini as she led off the day representing our level 8s. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Classic Rock

Awesome job Air Sports at the Classic Rock Invitational, and a special shout out to our age 11-12 female trampolinists; they produced an incredible sweep, taking trampoline gold on levels 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9! Several teammates took silver and bronze behind them on that event as well. Not to be outdone on the boys' side, Harrison also captured the gold at level 9 to complete the sweep on trampoline.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Best Wishes

Air Sports sends its very best wishes with Katie C, Alex, and Ali as they travel to Texas for National Jumpstart testing.

Good Luck Girls!!

Show them your National Champion winning ways!

Monday, January 16, 2012

2012 Phoenix Rising Invitational

Now that was FUN!!!
Another Phoenix Rising Invitational is in the books!
GREAT JOB to all the amazing athletes that performed and continued on the path to success at this years National Championships. I want to personally THANK all the parents and volunteers that helped make this years meet a HUGE success!
I also want to THANK all the attending clubs from Arizona (Aspire, USA Dynamites, Old Pueblo, Air Sports), and a BIG Thanks to Go For It USA for coming down from Vegas. It was wonderful to have such prepared and polished athletes come into our state a give us a run for our money...
Great Job to ALL the coaches and Judges!
Great Job to ALL the parents & supporting families!
A BIG Thanks to Jon Black & Scott Barclay at Aspire.
And THANK YOU to Aspire Kids Sports Center for allowing this meet to take place inside their gym.
Air Sports continues to provide the needed opportunities for our athletes to find success. We are 100% focused on our athletes and their involvement in the thrilling sport of T&T!!!
Keep your eyes on this amazing Team as they continue to prepare for the 2012 National Championships where Team Air Sports looks to defend our 10 National Titles!!!

Come see what all the BUZZ is about - Arizona’s Premier Trampoline & Tumbling Club – Air Sports Unlimited!

Monday, January 9, 2012

BIG NEWS: Air Sports to Expand to the West Side

Air Sports has partnered with Oasis Gymnastics. Please see the announcement from Oasis below and join us for a Q&A at Oasis on Tuesday, January 10th:

January 9, 2012

Happy New Year to all T&T team members,

Oasis is up and ready to resume our T&T competitive program.
We have partnered with Air Sports Unlimited to offer you a quality T&T experience that has a proven success rate.

**We are offering a special ½ off January tuition AND ½ off February tuition.

Oasis is equipped with a 65 foot rod floor, a competitive trampoline and a competitive double mini.

Come join us Tuesday, January 10th, for a no-obligation workout from 5:00-7:30 PM & a Parent Question Session from 7:30-8:00 PM.

Stop by the front office before 5 PM Tuesday, to sign in for this workout.

We look forward seeing you!

Oasis Gymnastics& Sports Center – 8643 W. Kelton Lane #110 – Peoria, AZ 85382
(87th AVE to blocks south of W. Bell Road)

Oasis Gymnastics & Sports Center...a refreshing place to learn
8643 W. Kelton Ln. Suite 110  Peoria, AZ  85382
623-977-6399 × fax: 623-977-6611 × email:

Sunday, January 8, 2012



Session 1
Saturday, January 14th
General Warm-up: 6:00pm
March In 6:45pm
Awards 9:30pm

Session 2
Sunday, January 15th
General Warm-up: 9:00am
March In 9:45am
Awards 12:30pm