Thursday, July 12, 2012

A few words that MUST be said...

I am sitting at my computer at 6am (ugh) just one day after the 2012 National Championships came to an end.  Hoping for a few extra hours of sleep...I found my mind racing all night thinking of the events, moments, performances, athletes, coaches, and emotions that filled the past 9 days.  Still very much numb for ALL of it – I am thrilled by the success and victories that we ALL found.  I must THANK Coach Sharon & Phil for their support, love, and endless passion in the development of youth athletes.  ALL the amazing Air Sports athletes that gave it their all and HIT when it counted most; all the supporting parents & families that sacrifice SO much in the support of their loved ones, and most of all for my loving wife & family that put their own personal lives on hold to support me & this amazing event.  I couldn’t do it without ALL of you working together and holding me up when I at times am overwhelmed by it all…From the bottom of my heart know that I am screaming this the loudest – I LOVE you all!!!

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