Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Luck to ALL of Arizona's T&T Athletes!!

Good luck at the Elite Championships to the following: 

  • Aspire: Colin, Josh, Drew, Steven, Jerrett, Lee, and Bryce
  • Air Sports: Noah

Good luck at JO Nationals to the following: 

  • OASIS: Hope, Kaiden, Mya, Kennedy, Chase, Brenna, and Kiana  
  • SCOTTSDALE: Sophia, Sophie, Jack, Shae, Armand, and Catherine 
  • NORTH VALLEY: Elizabeth, Alex, Daniel, Olivia, and Cailee 
  • ASPIRE: Emmalee, Megan, Sara, Nichole, Zoe, Michelle, Korrie, Mandie, Matt, Michael, and Jackson
  • AIR SPORTS: Ariana, Serena, Rebecca, Carolyn, Katie P, Katie C, Harrison, Seth, Hannah, Sara, Cole, Amanda, Jennifer, Bayley, Alex, Tory, Carson, and Danica

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