Sunday, February 16, 2014

NVG Invitational

Some of Air Sports' newest athletes took to the stage this weekend at the North Valley Invitational.  Here are some partial results:

  • Madison, Trampoline
  • Hudson, Trampoline
  • Tallia, Tumbling
  • Kaylee, Trampoline
  • Kate, Trampoline
  • London, Tumbling
  • Kaylee, Double Mini
  • Tallia, Trampoline
  • Kate, Double Mini
  • Brynn, Tumbling
  • Parker, Double Mini
  • Hudson, Double Mini

Fourth place to Olivia in her first meet at level 7 on the double mini and on trampoline and for Parker and London on trampoline and Kaylee tumbling. Goooo Air Sports!!

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