Monday, February 28, 2011

Coach Scott Update Monday 2/28/2011

Good afternoon,

To start off this week, I am working on a tentative schedule that gets every group into the gym and allows me to continuing planning and strategizing for our own building.

I need to accomplish so many things this week and with our travel plans to Houston, Texas in there as well – the clock is ticking…


4:00 ~ 5:00pm Recreational Class – any age to start with

4:00 ~ 6:00pm All lower-level Team athletes

6:00 ~ 8:00pm All upper-level Team athletes

All training and hours will be inside the Desert Storm Building #8


Desert Storm runs a “Special Needs” group / class in building #8 from 6:30 ~ 8:00pm and during that time they need the whole gym.

So, for now the only option on Tuesday is from 4:00 ~ 6:30pm

4:00 ~ 5:00pm Recreational Class

4:30 ~ 6:30pm Training Team


4:00 ~ 5:00pm babies Recreational class ages 2 ~ 4yrs old.

5:00 ~ 6:00pm Recreational class ages 5+

5:00 ~ 8:00pm Team Training at Desert Storm + ½ run to Aspire (7:30 ~ 9:30?)


4:00 ~ 5:00pm Recreational Class TDB (NOT starting this week!)

5:00 ~ 6:00pm Recreational Class TDB (NOT starting this week!)

6:00 ~ 8:00pm Training Team


4:00 ~ 5:00pm Recreational Class

5:00 ~ 8:00pm Team Training at Desert Storm+ ½ runs to Aspire (6:30 ~ 8:30?)


9:00 ~ 10:00am Recreational Class

10:00 ~ 12:00pm JumpStart Team Training

Once we get up and running I will do several hours of “make-up” time for both Team & JumpStart!

Overall this is very similar to what we used to be running – as we work through this first week or two, please be patient and flexible.

There are several wonderful things happening, but I must dot every “i” and cross every “t” before I start making announcements…

For this first week our “trial week” please bring water bottles and remember we are sharing a bathroom w/ the Main Desert Storm Building. We will rotate in groups to handle all of this – we will use a “buddy system” for sure! Also, if you are planning to stay and watch – please bring a chair or something to sit on – at this point we don’t even have chairs set up.

I grew up reading this and I used this at Flames Gymnastics for years:

“Champions risk what others Dare not: DREAM what others think impossible: DO what others say can’t be done.” Mark Twain

We are all healthy, happy, and one STRONG Family!

Coach Scott

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