Saturday, October 16, 2010

Congratulations Xtreme Team Jumpstarters

Congratulations Katie, Serena, and Breanna !! Great job at State testing! We are all very proud of your efforts!!!


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    First off – WAY TO GO JUMPSTART TEAM!!!
    Bree, Katie C., & Serena just rocked it at Scottsdale Gymnastics on Saturday afternoon. They were part of a long state wide testing/competition that qualifies athletes to a National Testing/Competition that takes places at our USA National Training Center in Texas.

    Then from the National test they announce a USA National Team the gets to attend a week long training camp with all the counties best coaches & judges.

    They all did very well –each athlete had to compete a series of skills on tramp & rod floor, then skills in combination, and then a complete routine – NOT their levels routine – it was a new special JumpStart routine…
    Then they had to do push-ups, timed sprints, leg lifts, handstand holds and on and on that took almost 4 hours to complete.

    Our kids pulled together wonderfully! This was an “eye opener” for most of these girls – there were NO boys in this years testing – WE NEED BOYS!!! Anyway, a few of these girls also train TOPS – the USAG’s girls’ gymnastics JumpStart Program – and they really put up some great numbers. Our girls pushed themselves to hit bigger numbers & higher jumps then I see in training. They were able to increase the running times and several of the test we hit Perfect Scores!!!

    Again I am so proud for our team & these 3 little girls. They were awesome!!!

    All states test results should be in by months end, and final results of those that will qualify to the National Testing will be posted.