Friday, October 22, 2010

Peace, Love TnT from Coach Scott

Peace, Love Competition was a success!!!

First off let me say a HUGE congratulations to Scottsdale Gymnastics – they just successfully hosted the state JumpStart Testing at their gym, a T&T competition at Aspire’s gym, and then finished off the weekend with a girls gymnastics competition late Sunday afternoon.

Here I have a lot to talk about – I will try to keep things short & to the point.

Session 1

Amanda – first time level 7 on Tramp & Dmini – level 6 tumbling

Bree – first time level 6 on everything

Amanda pulled off a great “first” routine on tramp & I am bummed to tell you that is all I was able to see – I was judging tramp all day.

Bree as well – her first ever and very little trained level 6 routine was great – that was about all I sawLLL

Bree successfully reached the mobility scores on both tramp & dm & is now moving onto level 7 – bye bye level 6J I have to say that was the shortest level 6 career that I have ever seen – a few short months of training while doing jumpstart & one competition and that was it…

Great job both of you!!!

Session 2

Abby – first T&T meet EVER & she just joined the team a few months ago…

Sara – also first meet EVER & she has not competed in gymnastics in over a year or year & half.

Ariana – first level 7 tramp, first level 8 dm, & first level 6 tumbling

Tory – this would start her 2nd actual T&T season – level 8 on both tr & dm / she started T&T as a new level 7

Hayley – level 9 tr & tumbling

I will say this – Abby you are a Super Star. She came into this sport just a few months ago and performed like a champ. She carried herself with controlled nerves and with a great attitude. She never questioned the challenge or task ahead, just worked hard and focused on the goal. Great things are coming your wayJJJ Welcome to the world of T&T – it’s a blast!

Sara – well this adventure started some 10+ years ago or more. I was – I think – one of or the first coach to train and put Sara on the floor of competition with girls’ gymnastics. She was part of our TOPs team and found success at all the levels she competed at. This was her first day back in competition after some time off and switching to T&T. She was also in great control of nerves and kept great body position at this first meet. She did hit her routine on tramp – but that was again all I sawL Sara you ROCK!

Ariana – what a great success today – she “HIT” was all I kept hearing…I saw the tramp & Yes’ she hit – like Bree she started working level 7 just a few weeks ago – we have been in skill training not routine training. She learned the routine & performed with precision and I am sure hit the mobility score and can say good-bye to level 7 and welcome in level 8 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh great job AriJ

Tory – also my part time babysitter – did great. This is again the starting of only her 2nd season and she is at level 8 on both tramp & DM w/ most of the level 9 skills and she was NEVER in gymnastics…WOW is about all I can say – she just keeps getting better and better. Meet experience(s) are so tricky and working them to keep each and every athlete in a positive mind set is difficult – Tory is getting more comfortable with the protocol at each meet and is getting better with handling stress and pressures of competition.

Hayley – well well well we didn’t get much from trampL at level 9 but she did make a few improvements during training and warm-ups. She is much more comfortable with her doubles on tramp and working them into her routines. She was super excited about tumbling at level 9 – she was the 2010 Regional Tumbling Champion at level 8 – I only saw warm-ups and some of the first pass – so I don’t know outcome or resultsL She did look really good and powerful on the rod floor. I will also say that Hayley is become a better leader for the team. She helped with smiles and support all around and we did not have a teary eyed moment. Great job Hayley – keep working hard and let’s get these routines ready for the season!!!

Ok…that was it in a few more words then I hoped…

Again great experience for all – we have the best athletes & parents in the valley.

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