Tuesday, October 12, 2010

T&T Clinic this Saturday!

This week the T&T Team & Men’s / Women’s Gymnastics Teams will all be offered a clinic with Coach Joy Umenhofer. She is part of our USA National Team Coaching Staff over several disciplines. She mainly does T&T and Mens Gymnastics – but she also offers a lot in the girls’ gymnastics side. So, Xtreme is bringing her in and we are splitting her time up over this Friday and Saturday.

Friday workout hours are the same for the Team; however, the athletes will be split into age & ability groups for Joy to work with. (T&T, men’s, & women’s gymnastics)
(Friday w/ Joy is FREE & will take place during our normal training hours)
Advanced group 4:30 ~ 6:30 levels 8 ~ Elite
Intermediate group 6:30 ~ 7:30 levels 6&7
Beginner group 7:30 ~ 8:30 levels 3~5

On Saturday Joy will be running a State Wide Clinic for ONLY T&T athletes from 10 ~ 2pm. This clinic is all levels together and will cost $40.00 per person.

Currently Oasis, USA Youth Center, Aspire, Old Pueblo in Tucson, & Xtreme have signed up to attend. It is a great time to rub shoulders with other athletes in our state and see the level of competition out there. Joy is a wonderful clinician & has coached some of our country's best. I hope to run one of these clinics each year – this is the first State Clinic I have seen in Arizona – let's try to attend & support this clinic & our state's T&T Program. Payments for the clinic are paid directly to Xtreme Gymnastics.

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